Atlanta Life Insurance Company Introduces Free Discount Rx Card Program

Atlanta, GA (September 9, 2011). Atlanta Life Insurance Company (ALIC) now offers a means to save money on prescriptions. The ALIC Discount Rx Card is absolutely free and is provided to individuals, members of groups, associations and employees. Cardholders can save from a few percent up to 95% off the retail price of a drug. The program includes participation by … Read More

Stephanie L. Carhee

As Managing Principal of a small business, our edge is our agility, quality procedures and ease of doing business. Our customers have high demands and high expectations that we must deliver. Atlanta Life gets what’s important to us and our clients – minimizing risk. Howard Stephenson and his team have proven time and time again that our needs come first … Read More

Joe L

After all the hustle and annoyances of moving to Atlanta from North Carolina for new jobs we realized that we needed renters insurance at our new loft. With a little help from my younger Brother back home with some suggestions on companies and google we had a list of about 4-5 companies. I spent one afternoon while rushing home for … Read More